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5 Good Deals by Guardian Malaysia Online Store

5 Good Deals by Guardian Malaysia Online Store

As you may already know, I am a pharmacist and ecommerce entrepreneur. When I came across the Guardian Malaysia’s online store, the neat and clean web layout got me excited. As I have designed multiple websites, consistent and neat website is never easy to create. What is more exciting is, FREE DELIVERY is available for purchases over RM100 for Peninsular Malaysia.

1) Seven Seas Multi-vitamin Syrup with Cod Liver Oil

This is a product for children who are having issues in gaining body weight or possibly elderlies who have digestive issues. Cod liver oil is a good kind of fat that contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is associated with the healing process.

However, I will not recommend this product for people who are having adequate vitamin A daily consumption, as excessive vitamin A is toxic.

2) Kordel’s Glucosamine & Chondroitin

This is a product for elderlies who are having, or at risk of having osteoarthritis. Glucosamine plus chondroitin may help prolong the usefulness of the cartilage lining the joints, but I will not recommend this product for rheumatoid arthritis patients, due to the difference cause between the two diseases.

My additional advice is, if you found no improvement after three to six months of consumption, there is no need to continue.

3) Nu-Prep 100 Tongkat Ali

This is a product specifically formulated for men. Ladies, this could be a great Father’s Day gift, just saying. We Malaysians know what is Tongkat Ali, therefore no further explanations necessary. However, I am advising against those who are already spending too much time in bed, or unsure about his heart health.

4) Sebamed Baby Liquid Cleanser

This product is recommended for babies or patients with sensitive skin that is allergic to many additives normally formulated in most commercial liquid soaps. Advice against? I do not think I can come up with one, unless you cannot afford it.

5) Banana Boat Ultramist Sport SPF110

This is a product for ALL Malaysians who is going to expose your skin under the sun. Sunscreen can never 100% prevent you from getting cancer, but this is going to give you some basic care.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to recommend all the above products. Sponsorship has ended on 13th July 2019.


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