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I finally get my Fiesta back!

I finally get my Fiesta back!

It was before Christmas of 2018. It was 5am in the morning. It was dark. I wished to head into the North-South Expressway (PLUS) but I missed the exit. Next, I made a decision so dire that I made me lose my Pony (Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost) for nearly four months.

Faithful decision

The decision was to take the first U-turn that comes. No, I don’t like doing U-turn like our government. Unfortunately, I have no idea how narrow that junction is, and I rammed into the road shoulder on the left of my Pony. Next, I stopped by at the side of the road, and discovered my front bumper, radiator and some other stuff dangling (picture below).

I am going to skip all the police report details and actions taken. Next problem for me is to figure out how to get my arse back to work the next day. I have four choices, my Dad’s car, my Lady’s car, my father-in-law’s car, and public transport.

No more public transport

Feeling guilty for asking people’s help for my own fault, I took public transport to work the next day. Sadly, using commuter (KTM), transit (MRT) and hailed cab (Grab) not only ate a big chunk of my time but also way more expensive than driving myself. It costs almost three times of time and burns twice the ringgit. However, those few trips with complete strangers do open up my perspective in understanding the ill-planned Malaysian public transport system – slow and poor connectivity, which reduces the productivity given our already low productivity.

Due to the shortcomings of using public transport to commute between Rawang and Kuala Lumpur, I decided to borrow (more like beg) cars from family members. I might write a post about all these cars in the future, let this be an advertisement. However, I am going to mention this, none of those cars can ‘live’ up to my expectations, merely a steel box that get me around.

Of workshop and insurance

Besides the lousy public transport, I need to rant about the workshop and insurance company as well. Lets start with the workshop. The workshop repeatedly giving the same reason for not being able to close the repair order: unable to secure the parts needed. I can understand for the difficulty of obtaining parts for my car model, as this model could be the only one and possibly the last model Sime Darby would ever import into Malaysia. This model sports a low front skirting with daytime running LED embedded into it, which I have damaged it multiple times when going through bumps on the road. However, is it really that hard to come by that it took more than three (3) months? In that period, I was left to work it out on my own without assistance of a grace car.

Next is the insurance company. Personally I never has a satisfactory dealing with insurance companies. Time after time, they try to sell me range of products that I do not need. They try to take off as much money as they possibly (or legally) can off my pocket. They try to plant fear into my brain that I might die any time soon (though I already knew and tried to end it multiple times). When all of the above do not work, they try to sell the idea that my family will gain on my demise. However, when I need to claim from the company who sells a policy that our government mandated (auto insurance), I was being denied compensation that are deemed ‘suspiciously not related’. Thanks God it worked out well after tonnes of paperworks and justification via the workshop. Still, it is not a pleasant experience.


It was a gruelling four months for me and my family, started by my own mistake. Thanks to my family, we have been through the ordeals. To be honest, I got quite a bit of insight towards Malaysian public transport and insurance dealings. Both of these left bad taste in my mouth, and I will avoid them until convinced otherwise.


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