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About Me

About Me

Good day! My name is Loh Chuan Tuck (罗诠淂), born a Malaysian, and hopefully I can die as one. I am fluent in four languages, but can only write well in three. I am a married man with two children. At the same time, I work full time as a hospital pharmacist to earn a living.


I first blogged at year 2007, after I got my hands on the old Acer Aspire laptop. Running on the sluggish Windows Vista, I managed to be one of the top bloggers in Malaysia back then. I pumped out tonnes of posts about my everyday life. Now came to think about those posts, none are really worthy to read, but I managed to garner quite a formidable amount of support and readership. However, due to the need to commit into tertiary education, I quit blogging – my old domain has now fall into the hand of a Chinese company and being made into a porn site. Honestly, I miss the heyday of casual blogging.


My interests are just far and wide, as far as learning about the space-time continuum, as wide as how the tide pattern affects the formation of cyclones. Therefore I have never stopped learning, gaining more and more skills and experience day after day.

I used to waste a significant amount of time in computer gaming aside from blogging. For the sake of gaming, I learned a great deal of computer related skills, on top of being a good decision maker and strategist. With the advance of internet technologies, I am acquainted with most of the daily technologies and constantly improving myself by harnessing their potentials.

The availability of internet opens up my horizon tremendously, allowing me to access the insurmountable and ever expanding amount of knowledge, just like the universe. I spent a tremendous amount of time learning, yet I am spending even more time just to pick out the right ones and digest them. However, I am always lagging behind in teaching (and probably preaching) what I know to other people.

I Wish to Teach

I have to debunk myths and fake news regularly in my daily life. It is a big part of my profession as a pharmacist to pick out the errors and preach the truths. Recently, when I am engaging in political activities, I discovered tonnes of half truths (ie fake news) that public will easily gobble up as “words from the Bible”. The utility of internet hasten the pace of news spreading, no matter good or bad, real or fake.

Therefore I am writing this blog to tell my side of stories and to share my ideas and experience to people around the world (as long as my blog does not get censored). You can agree or disagree with me, but do keep the conversation civil.

Working Together

I am always looking forward to be working together to help out causes that I believe, for examples digitalisation of Malaysia economy, health campaigns, honest product reviews etc. I can be contacted via call, email or WhatsApp.

Email: lohchuantuck@gmail.com

Phone: +6012-4190566

Facebook: Loh Chuan Tuck